Business Planning

Business Planning

Business planning is a broad area of the law that generally encompasses issues associated with starting a business, buying a business, managing a business, employment and vendor contracts, and protecting consumers and business owners.

Regardless of your business legal needs, business litigation attorneys at Simons Law Group, PLLC, can give you dependable advice and representation.

There are definitely matters that a small business owner can handle by themselves. However, there are matters for which it is important to engage an experienced business lawyer. These include:

  • Drafting employee contracts or terms of service agreements to ensure that a company is not in violation of state and federal labor laws and legal path for terminating an employee.
  • Drafting a partnership agreement that outlines the duties of each partner and how profits and losses will be shared.
  • Ensuring business operations are not in violation of environmental protection laws.
  • Negotiating sale of a company, a merger with another company or acquisition of another company or its assets.
  • Laying out the terms and conditions of a sale such as warranties, refund policies, replacements and others terms of sale in compliance with consumer rights.

Our business planning attorneys can help with:

  • Registering and Incorporating
  • ¬†Drafting Agreements
  • Commercial Leases
  • Debt Collections

Running a business is a full-time job. You need to be present for the day-to-day operations and making sure your business is running smoothly. This doesn’t leave much time to keep up with all the business regulations required by your local, state and federal government. Our business litigation attorneys can guide you in keeping required licenses and required filings up to date so that your business runs smoothly.