Association Law

Association Law

Simons Law Group, PLLC, has the knowledge and experience to help your association.

Arbitration – Associations often resolve disputes using arbitration. This process can be as important as a trial. An experienced can help you present a strong case to the arbitration panel.

Mediation – This is a process that allows both sides to sit down with a trained professional in order to discuss their disagreement. Even though you don’t have to enter into an agreement at mediation, this process is still the most effective when the parties are prepared. A Simons Law Group, PLLC, attorney can help you prepare your case and prevail in mediation.

Litigation – If your case goes to a hearing, you need to be prepared to present the case using the Florida Evidence Code and Florida Rules of Court Procedure. This requires careful preparation long before your court date arrives.

Contract Review – The right contract can stop problems before they start. Most associations enter into contracts for maintenance, building and other essential services. It’s important that these contracts don’t leave room for doubt.

Records – Association leaders may not even know what records they need to keep. Simons Law Group, PLLC, can help you understand how you should maintain records. We can also help you establish a process to keep these records that’s easy to manage.

Collections – When association members don’t pay, you need to take efforts to collect these unpaid assessments. It’s important to follow the right process when you go about collections.

Declaration Amendments – When you make changes to your declarations and restrictions, a few words can make a big difference. You also need to make sure that you follow the right procedures, so that your changes are enforceable and binding.

A lawyer can help you identify things that can become serious issues in your association. Our homeowner association attorneys at Simons Law Group, PLLC, help their clients make the best possible plan to meet their objectives. Their legal team can help your association address all aspects of your operations to make sure that things run smoothly. If you’re facing a specific challenge, the Simons Law Group, PLLC, team can help you make a plan to resolve the issue in a positive way, so that your association can move forward. Our homeowner association attorneys are ready to help you have a successful case.